Equity Commercial Builders was formed around the principles of construction as it was in past eras where construction companies were true builders with large core crews. Today, it underlies our core values and combined with modern day project management and safety programs, separates us in a unique category amongst construction managers. We do not believe that simply brokering sub-trades and interpreting the legalese of standard construction documents can capture effective construction management. We believe the key, core competency lies within the experience of the men and women on the ground, day-to-day searching for creative solutions and assessing risk and reward on an on-going basis. In addition, a full understanding of the total value chain from initial site assessment through to delivery of assets to the market to meet bona fide demand and supply fundamentals rounds out what you need to look for in a construction manager. At Equity Commercial Builders we believe these two key concepts are the most important fundamentals in delivering successful projects and will continue to play a role in guiding our firm long into the future.